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M1 Slim - Black x Black - Rinsed


12,5 Oz  stretch fabric. 98% Cotton 2% Elastane

100% real leather patch

Black Stainless steel donut waistbandbutton

RIRI Meras zipper in copper, brass and steel

Black copper rivets

Golden rivet signature from Candiani Denim

The Circle of Friends involved in this product

Fabric – Candiani Denim, Italy

Button and Rivets – Cobrax, Italy

Zipper - RIRI Meras, Italy

Leather – Panama Trimmings, Italy

Thread – Coats, Italy

Labels ­– Cadica, Italy

Cut & Sewing – Lisama, Italy

Washing – IVN Laundry, Portugal


Waist: 29Inner Leg: 29
Waist: 30Inner Leg: 29
Waist: 31Inner Leg: 29
Waist: 32Inner Leg: 29
Waist: 29Inner Leg: 30
Waist: 30Inner Leg: 30
Waist: 31Inner Leg: 30
Waist: 32Inner Leg: 30
Waist: 29Inner Leg: 31
Waist: 30Inner Leg: 31
Waist: 31Inner Leg: 31
Waist: 32Inner Leg: 31
Waist: 29Inner Leg: 32
Waist: 30Inner Leg: 32
Waist: 31Inner Leg: 32
Waist: 32Inner Leg: 32